FLASHBACK: The 34 Times Breitbart London Warned of an EU Army

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Leaked plans, Eurocrats pushing for joint defence budgets and projects, and Remainers lying about the possibility of a cross-bloc military pact, here are the 34 times Breitbart London warned Britons of an EU army:

26 September 2017: ‘Jupiterian’ Macron Leads Charge for Centralised EU Budget, Military, Cabinet

13 September 2017: Juncker: “We need a fully-fledged” EU army by 2025

12 September 2017: Veterans: Plans to Integrate UK into EU Defence Apparatus ‘Betrays British Voters’

23 June 2017: EU Moves to Boost Military Cooperation

20 June 2017: German Defence Minister Vows: ‘In the End, There Will Be a European Army’


Soldiers of a Eurocorps detachment carry the European Union flag to mark the inaugural European Parliament session on June 30, 2014, in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, eastern France. (Photo by PATRICK HERTZOG/AFP/Getty Images)

7 June 2017: EU Unveils 5.5 Billion Joint Defence Budget, Insists ‘No EU Army’

6 March 2017: European Union Approves New Military HQ

12 May 2017: Britain Blocking EU Military HQ, Sources Claim

15 February 2017: EU Army: Germany Leads new Air Force with France, Defence Initiatives with Four EU Member States

10 February 2017: MEPs Demand EU Army Happens Faster

29 December 2016: CLAIM: Britain Signs Up to Massive European Military Integration Despite Brexit Vote



20 November 2016:  UKIP MEP warns Britain would be on the hook to pay millions towards an EU army

15 November 2016: EU Agrees Defence Budget Increase as Britain Lifts Block

11 November 2016: Juncker: Europe ‘Not the Master of the World’ But Needs EU Army

6 October 2016: Joint EU Defence Gets One Step Closer with Launch of New Border Force

27 September 2016: Despite Assurances, Plans For an EU Army Are Moving Ahead At Full Speed

27 September 2016: France and Germany Present Plan for EU Army, UK Opposes ‘Undermining of NATO’

EU army

VALLETTA, MALTA – FEBRUARY 03: An army sniper monitors the area at the Grand Master’s Palace on February 3, 2017 in Valletta, Malta. Theresa May attends an informal summit of the 27 EU leaders to brief them on her recent meeting with President Trump. (Photo by Leon Neal-Pool/Getty Images)

26 September 2016: Germany Tells Britain: Don’t Block EU Defence Force

17 September 2016: Britain Will Veto EU Army, Defence Secretary Says

9 September 2016: Commission Soldiers On With Plans for EU Army

26 August 2016: Eastern European Leaders Call For EU Army At Summit With Germany

24 August 2016: Free From Britain, Leaders Press Ahead with Plans for EU Army

29 June 2016: Just Days After Brexit, EU Releases Plan For Further Expansion, An EU Army, AND Turkish Membership

German soldiers onboard the frigate ‘Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’ wait for Germany’s Defence Minister Franz Josef Jung (not in picture) who arrived in Djibouti on December 22, 2008 to take leave of German soldiers taking part in the Atalanta mission. The German frigate ‘Karlsruhe’ will join European Union-led anti-pirate operations off the Horn of Africa. (Photo credit by AXEL SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images)

27 June 2016: EU Foreign Affairs Chief: Europe Needs an EU Army

21 June 2016: Brexit Leader Nigel Farage warns Britons that a vote to Remain will be a vote for the EU army

2 June 2016: EU Army Is Not a ‘Dangerous Fantasy’, It Is a Frightening Reality

27 May 2016: Hidden plans for an EU army command leaked ahead of the Brexit vote

22 May 2016: British Army Joins EU Battlegroup As Europhiles STILL Claim ‘No EU Army’


4 May 2016: Secret German White Paper Reveals True Scale of Germany’s EU Army Ambitions

20 April 2016: REPORT: Germany ‘Annexing’ Dutch Military As Secretive EU Army Begins To Take Shape

16 December 2015: WATCH: Farage Condemns EU Plan To Seize Control Of National Borders

15 December 2015: EU Army Plans Allow German Soldiers to Take Control of Borders Without Consent of National Governments

16 October 2015: EuroParl Leader: ‘We’re Moving Towards An EU Army Much Faster Than People Believe’

12 June 2015: EU Commissioners Exploit Defence to Push Federalism

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