Egypt Arrests Businessman for Homosexuality, Browsing Gay Sites  


A Cairo court has extended the remand of a leading Egyptian importer after he was allegedly involved in a homosexual relationship.

The defendant, A.A., is charged with “sodomy,” the court wrote in the injunction.

The man is also accused of managing pages on “perverted” websites and trawling those sites for homosexual relationships, Al Youm Al Saba (“The Seventh Day”) newspaper reported.

During his arrest, which garned a great deal of media attention, police found sex toys, female clothes, and female hair.

“The prosecution assumes all these were used during the acts of perversion,” the paper said, adding that the allegations were supported by pictures of the man with his sex partners found on his mobile phone.

Despite vigorous human rights campaigns, homosexuality remains a criminal offense in Egypt. The media occasionally reports about men who are “caught in the act.”

Meanwhile, another high-profile arrest is being widely debated in the Egyptian media. The Islamic scholar Albohairi has been detained by police after he accused Islamic theologians of deliberately distorting the Quran.

The story of the prophet Mohammed’s marriage to one of his wives was manipulated by later interpreters, Albohairi claimed, in a bid to aggrandize the Prophet and the Islamic religion.

Albohairi was sentenced to a one-year jail term this week for “blasphemy.”


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