WATCH: ‘Zuckerberg, Don’t Kill Us’ – Israeli NGO Slams Facebook For Allowing Palestinian Incitement


An Israeli NGO launched a crowdfunding campaign on Sunday asking for donations toward posting billboards near the home of Mark Zuckerberg in protest of the policy of allowing Palestinian incitement on Facebook.

In a YouTube video, Shurat Hadin-Israel Law Center blasted Zuckerberg for failing to prevent Palestinian incitement and calling him to task for his post on “supporting Muslims.” Watch the video below:

“When Palestinian terrorists called for the killing of Jews on Facebook, Facebook closed its eyes,” the narrator of the video says as an image of Zuckerberg with his eyes shut is shown. “When Islamic terrorists shared messages of incitement before killing dozens of people in Israel, and hundreds of Christians in Paris, San Bernardino, and London, Facebook closed its eyes.”

The video continues by positing that the only time Zuckerberg did acknowledge the issue of Islamic terror was when he wrote a post adding his “voice in support of Muslims.”

The campaign, called “Zuckerberg, don’t kill us,” aims to open Zuckerberg’s eyes by placing billboards showing Palestinian incitement on social media in the vicinity of Zuckerberg’s home in California.

Shurat Hadin wants to raise money in order to put up billboards containing images of Palestinian incitement – with the billboards placed near Zuckerberg’s residence in northern California.

Earlier this year, Shurat Hadin posted a video that exposed the hypocrisy of Facebook’s  treatment of Israel. Identical pages were posted on Facebook, one with incitement against Palestinians and the other anti-Israel. Initially, only the anti-Palestinian page was removed for violating Facebook’s community standards. The second was removed only after significant pressure from pro-Israel groups.

The NGO is hoping to raise $30,000 for the campaign, which they claim will cover the costs of the billboards.


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