PM: Military Aid Package With U.S. May Not Be Completed During Obama’s Term

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The Jerusalem Post reports:  Just weeks after saying in Davos that Israel and the U.S. may conclude a 10-year Memorandum of Understanding “in the coming months,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the cabinet on Sunday that these negotiations may not be concluded during U.S. President Barack Obama’s remaining time in office.

Netanyahu told the cabinet that he would like to conclude the MoU as soon as possible, but that the issues are complex, detailed and take time.

Israeli and U.S. teams have already been working for months on a new MoU that will replace the 10-year framework that expires in 2017, which provided Israel with about $3 billion annually. A high-level US team is currently in the country holding talks with their Israeli counterparts.

In light of the recently signed nuclear agreement with Iran and the new strategic threats this presents for Israel and the region, Israel is asking for an increase in the annual package, with reports putting that number at some $5b. a year.

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