Where Solomon Mined, 3,000-year-old ‘Fashion Collection’ Unearthed

King Solomon antiquities
lara Amit/Israel Antiquities Authority

The Times of Israel reports: Archaeologists have unearthed an extensive fabric collection in the south of Israel dating back some 3,000 years to the biblical era of King David and Solomon, Tel Aviv University said Wednesday.

The materials were uncovered in the Timna copper mines in the Arava Valley by an Tel Aviv University excavation team led by Dr. Erez Ben-Yosef. The finds are the first discovery of textiles dating from the era and include cloth of diverse color, design and origin, the archaeologists said.

“No textiles (from this period) have ever been found at excavation sites like Jerusalem, Megiddo and Hazor, so this provides a unique window into an entire aspect of life from which we’ve never had physical evidence before,” Ben-Yosef said. “We found fragments of textiles that originated from bags, clothing, tents, ropes and cords.”

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