Far Left ‘Peace Now’ Head Slams Terror Victim’s Act of Self-Defense

Israeli security forces stand at the scene of a stabbing attack on March 8, 2016 in the neighbourhood of Jaffa in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv as US vice president arrived in the city for a visit

TEL AVIV – The head of the far-left Israeli NGO Peace Now blasted a stabbing victim’s act of self-defense in a terror attack on Tuesday, calling it an “extrajudicial killing.”

Yariv Oppenheimer took to Twitter to condemn terror victim Yonatan Azarihab, who was stabbed multiple times in a store in Petah Tikva before he managed to pull the terrorist’s knife from his own neck and use it to stab and eventually kill his attacker.

Oppenheimer decried the “execution” of the terrorists who were killed while carrying out stabbing sprees in Jaffa and Petah Tikva on Tuesday.

“This is how it goes from neutralizing terrorists to execution without trial,” Oppenheimer wrote about the incidents.

The Jaffa terrorist wounded 10 people and killed American tourist and U.S. army veteran Taylor Force.

The assailant stabbed people in three different locations in Jaffa and south Tel Aviv. As he ran down the boardwalk he was accosted by a guitar-wielding busker who smashed his instrument over the attacker’s head. The guitarist, who has become a national hero, gave chase to the 22-year-old terrorist who was eventually shot dead by police.

Oppenheimer slammed the media for ignoring “extrajudicial executions,” claiming, “In the present atmosphere, no one in the media dares to report and deal with the issue.”

Breitbart readers responded with sarcasm to Breitbart Jerusalem’s original report on Azarihab and the guitarist. One commenter, who goes by the name sgstandard, wrote, “You can’t stop violence with violence. He should have pulled the knife from his neck and scolded the freedom fighter on the error of his ways, shake hands, and depart peacefully.”

“And shame on the musician … a soulful ballad would have calmed the unfortunate man, and avoided further violence,” he added.


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