Autopsy Report: Hebron Stabber Still Alive When Shot By Soldier

Israeli soldiers and police surround the body of one of two Palestinians who were killed after wounding an Israeli soldier in a knife attack before being shot dead by troops, an army spokeswoman said, at the entrance to the heavily guarded Jewish settler enclave of Tal Rumeda in the city …

The Times of Israel reports: A Palestinian official said an assailant shot through the head by an Israeli soldier in Hebron last month was injured but alive before the bullet pierced his brain, as an autopsy on the victim was completed Sunday.

The Palestinian pathologist attended but did not perform the autopsy in Tel Aviv on Abdel Fattah al-Sharif, whose death, caught on camera, is at the center of a case that has roiled Israeli public opinion and the halls of power after an Israeli soldier apparently killed the wounded and supine assailant.

“After a full autopsy, the fatal wound was in the head,” the Palestinian doctor, Rayan al-Ali, told AFP.

“There were several gunshot wounds. All those wounds were in the muscles, the lower limbs, and there was a wound in his right lung, but it was not fatal and did not lead to his death.”

The Israeli findings, which are also central to whether the soldier will be charged with manslaughter in a military court, have not yet been made public, but Israeli officials did not disagree with the Palestinian doctor’s findings, according to a Haaretz report.

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