‘Anonymous’ Hackers Attacks On Israel More Hype Than Harm


Ynetnews reports: The cyber attacks launched by the anti-Israel hacker-group ‘Anonymous’ are more hype than harm, according to Israeli cyber security experts, who claim that media coverage is fomenting unnecessary fear out of sync with the reality of the threat.

Anonymous, a loosely-organized hacking collective that has gone after targets ranging from PayPal to ISIS, has tried to breach Israeli websites annually on April 7, beginning in 2013 when it launched its campaign against Israel on the country’s Holocaust Memorial Day. This year it has threatened to carry out cyber attacks on government offices and to leak personal details of Israeli citizens in an operation dubbed “Operation Israel.”

While so far there have been minor leaks of Israelis’ credit card details taken from poorly secured websites, experts claim that Anonymous has proven to be a relatively amateur organization incapable of breaching Israel’s highly secured internet systems.

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