UAE Lawyer Offers Obama A Job So He Can Witness ‘Islamic Tolerance’

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 30: (AFP OUT) President Barack Obama speaks during the White House Correspondents' Association annual dinner on April 30, 2016 at the Washington Hilton hotel in Washington, DC. This is President Obama's eighth and final White House Correspondents' Association dinner (Photo by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images)

JAFFA, Israel – A UAE lawyer offered President Barack Obama a job after he leaves the White House in January of next year, so that the politician can live among Muslims and become acquainted with the “true meaning of Islamic tolerance.”

This is how he tweeted the job offer.

“Given that American presidents go back to their previous lives after their term comes to an end, I think that Obama, a lawyer and legal scholar by trade, would consider it in favor” the lawyer, Issa Ben Haider, told Al Arabiya TV.

During Obama’s presidency, he said, the Islamic State and other terrorist groups emerged and labeled all Muslims as potential suicide bombers. “But the truth is different. I call on the Americans, via their president, to come and live among us and get to know Muslims up close to fix our erroneous image.”

Haider said that the salary he proposes will cover Obama’s accommodation as well as travel expenses to Arab countries, so he can “witness the true meaning of Islamic tolerance.”

Haider’s offer did not go unnoticed on social media.

“Hire me instead,” Toti wrote. “I ask that UAE lawyer: offer me a job in the Emirates.”

“He doesn’t deserve it,” Mahmud wrote.

Mahmood Alawadi said that Haider may become a victim of his own offer.

“Money buys everything,” wrote another.

Ayesha wrote: “Don’t hire Obama, that infidel. I deserve it – hire me, I was your top-level student.”

“How pathetic it is to make such an offer to a killer of Muslims and a ravager of their countries! Have we gone that low?” Sam wrote angrily.

Other commenters in the Gulf also tweeted in response to Haider’s offer. “May he just go to hell the son of a…” one wrote.

Ahmad made a reference to the history of black slavery in the US, and wrote: “If hired to work for the Arabs, he’d better do the job his ancestors did.”

Shkardi wrote that Obama is best suited to be the assistant of scavengers.

Subay wrote: “What has Obama given the Gulf that you want to help him so much?”

“If you want to do good, hire Muslims from the Gulf,” a student wrote to Haider.

Social warned Haider that Obama would not settle for less than $100,000 a month.

Abdulwhed thought Haider’s offer was serious: “His pension fund will suffice, and also the Americans wouldn’t want their former president to work for an Arab. I think he’ll continue to be involved in foreign policy. I’m annoyed by our disrespect for other nations.”

“Upon hearing this, Obama will go back to smoking weed,” Fahd said.



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