Arab Social Media Hate Rages On: ‘Allah, Make Sure Petrol Falls On Israel Instead Of Rain’

An Israeli firefighter inspects the damages in Beit Meir, a religious cooperative village in the hills to the west of Jerusalem, on November 25, 2016. Hundreds of people were evacuated during the night from November 24 to November 25 in the village of Beit Meir in central Israel, following the …

JAFFA, Israel – Two of the most popular hashtags currently trending on Arab social media are #Zionist_entity_burns and #Israel_on_fire, as a significant volume of users rejoiced in the wake of a string of forest fires striking Israel this week, some of which were reportedly sparked by arsonists.

Some social media users claimed the blazes were divine punishment for a bill that was recently deliberated in the Knesset seeking to impose noise restrictions on houses or worship, legislation that could impact the notoriously loud Muslim calls for prayer.

Other users announced that despite the drought in the region, whoever prays for rain in Israel is a traitor.

Bahar Ibrahim recalled that Thursday was the anniversary of the death of Abdullah Azzam, a Palestinian militant from the northern West Bank who was an influence on Osama bin Laden during his sojourn in Afghanistan.

“#Zionist_entity_burns on the anniversary of the martyrdom, on 24 November 1989, of Sheikh Abdullah Azzam. Is there a greater avenger than Allah?”

Waeel wrote: “For the first time I feel joy because of a fire. Good morning to the fire that struck Israel. A fire that became perfume in the sky of Palestine.”

“They wanted to restrict the muezzin call. Allah came and burned them in the heart!” Azza tweeted. “Huge fires in the north of occupied Palestine and the enemy seeks international aid to save himself.”

Saudi poet Heyal Alshimri tweeted: “Allah, please pass this fire on to Shi’ite countries.”

Hamad Almazroui received torrents of abuse for sympathizing with Israel by tweeting, “Allah, please put the fire down a bit, especially to save children and the elderly.”

Ismal responded: “The Arabs are despicable no less than the Jews.”

Mohammed also responded: “Only people like this are responsible for the terrible state the Arabs are in. Those who outwardly claim to be Muslims but inside are dirtier than the Jews.”


The news site Balad24 tweeted: “After preventing the muezzin, Israel burns.”

“Go on Arabs, warm up. Allah turned Israel into your fireplace,” another user wrote.

The user known as Do wrote: “Allah, please make sure petrol falls on Israel instead of rain, so that the fire would grow. Allah please don’t put out the fire, they tried to prevent the muezzin call.”


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