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Palestinian Terror Groups Celebrate ‘Sweet’ Jerusalem Truck-Ramming Attack

Israeli security forces and emergency personnel gather at the site of a vehicle-ramming attack on January 8, 2017 in Jerusalem, Israel. Four israeli soldiers were killed and 13 wounded after an industrial truck driven by a Palestinian man, rammed into a group of people. (Photo by Lior Mizrahi/Getty Images)
Lior Mizrahi/Getty

The news of Sunday’s truck-ramming attack in Jerusalem that left four Israelis dead and 17 injured has sparked outbursts of jubilation among Palestinian terrorist groups.

Hamas welcomed the attack, saying the carnage is a “natural reaction” to the “crimes of the occupation,” and what the terrorist group claimed was the infringement on the “Palestinians’ rights” and their holy sites.

Fawzi Barhoum, the movement’s spokesperson, lauded the attack as a “courageous act in defense of the holy sites and especially Al Aqsa mosque.”

He added that the attack proves that the “Jerusalem intifada [a series of  attacks on Israelis that started in October 2015] continues to defend our lands and holy sites, and the Israeli oppression and aggression won’t be able to stop it. The oppression will only increase the determination of the Palestinian people to continue its heroic resistance in all its forms.”

The Iran-backed Islamic Jihad also welcomed the attack, and said in a statement that the deadly truck-ramming represented “a natural reaction to the crimes of the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people.”

The pro-Hamas journalist Adham Abu Slamiyeh tweeted a picture of Palestinians handing out sweets, with the following caption: “The sweets of the attack are in. Allah bless the men of Jabel Mukaber [the perpetrator’s home neighborhood] that helped us redeem the spirit of Jerusalem.”

Twitter user Ahmad Qanita wrote: “Allahu akbar, these pictures make me want more. They remind us of [Hamas explosives expert Yahya] Ayash’s attacks, just as we smell his perfumed memory,” referring to the 21st anniversary of Yahya’s elimination by Israel, which Hamas marked earlier this week.

Hussein Shaweesh also evoked Ayash’s memory: “Jews, the children of Ayash are back and the Jerusalem attack is the best proof.”

“Here is the Jerusalem intifada, Jerusalem the crown jewel of cities demonstrates its determination to fight against the invaders,” the Jordanian-Palestinian analyst Yasser Zaatreh tweeted. “The attack today proves that the intifada continues despite the cruel oppression of the enemy and the collaboration of our brothers.”

“Allah, harm the sons of Zion and show them the wonders of your might,” Mohammed Yehya tweeted.

Ramadan wrote: “In Jerusalem the hero rose up and exacted revenge, the Jerusalem intifada will continue until the return and liberation of the land.”


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