Arab Social Media Mocks Hezbollah Leader’s Threats Against Israel’s Nuclear Rector

AP/Kamran Jebreili

TEL AVIV — Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah warned on Thursday that his organization has the capacity to strike anywhere in Israel, including the nuclear reactor in Dimona.

“We invite the Israeli enemy to empty not just the ammonia tanks in Haifa,” mocked the Hezbollah leader, “but also to dismantle the nuclear core in Dimona,” claiming that “it is in our power to threaten any part of Israel.”

He stated again that his organization is undaunted by President Donald Trump’s policy and spoke about the war in Yemen, the Shi’ite struggle in Bahrain and domestic Lebanese issues.

Arab social media users were unimpressed by the statements of a leader who, following his involvement in the Syrian war, is widely seen as an anti-Sunni Iranian proxy.

The Twitter user Kuwait referred to Hezbollah (literally, the Party of Allah) as the party of idols, and tweeted: “Israel is very happy with the coffins that are filled with the fighters of the party of idols and asking for more.”

“The party of Satan are traitors, Iran’s and Israel’s double agent are always against the Arabs, come round already,” Alkaser tweeted, referring to Hezbollah.

Twitter user Abdullah replied to the Twitter account of Iran’s Arabic-language TV station Al Alam: “Get out of your hole, you Iranian dog.”

Saad Alshamry also wrote a reply: “Hassan Nasrallah you son of a b*tch. You killed more Muslims than Israel. May Allah curse you and your people, the living and the dead.”

“He continues to bark and refrains from acting, the crook from Dahia [Hezbollah’s stronghold in Beirut], an enemy of Israel on the surface, but a friend behind the scenes.”

Regarding his remarks on Bahrain, Ziad wrote: “Haha, you Iranian dog, let’s see how you enter Bahrain. We’ll chop off your legs together with the other Iranian dogs.”


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