After Lebanon, Jordan And Tunisia Suspend ‘Wonder Woman’ Debut Over Israeli Acresss; Algeria Pulls Movie From Film Festival

wonder woman
Gal Gadot/Twitter

TEL AVIV – Jordan has banned a screening of “Wonder Woman” because its Israeli lead actress, Gal Gadot, served in the IDF, and has instructed theaters nationwide not to screen the movie until an official government decision is made.

Lebanon already announced last week that it was banning the superhero movie for the same reason.

Mohammad Quteishat, director of Jordan’s Media Commission, said he was reviewing the film to determine whether it met the Arab country’s standards and legislation, Jordan’s Petra News Agency reported.

“Cinemas that screen the film before the commission approves it will be closed, as this would be considered a violation of the law,” Quteishat said.

Gadot served in the IDF during the 2006 Lebanon war and has been outspoken in her support for Israel.

A campaign boycotting the movie was launched in Jordan.

“If we watch the movie, this means we will support this Israeli actor. … I am against this movie and I call for banning it in Jordan as well as in the rest of the Arab world,” Mohammad Ali, who is part of an online campaign in Jordan to boycott the movie, told China’s Xinhua news service.

“We remind the Jordanians of their obligation to boycott the film, and we refuse to be partners to the crimes of the Zionists and to increase their profits from this film. The Arab audience will not be involved in projects that represent Zionism and the Israeli army,” said a statement from one of the Jordanian campaigns against normalization with Israel, according to Ynet.

Meanwhile, the movie was also pulled from a festival in Algeria, Variety reported.

The DC blockbuster’s debut has been suspended in Tunisia following a request sent to the Tunisian Ministry of Culture by Arab nationalist party the People’s Movement.

“We must continue the mobilization on this type of affair, as on everything related to normalization with the Zionist entity,” the party said in a statement.

Gadot was dubbed a “champion Zionist” by groups lobbying to ban the film.


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