Netanyahu: Israel Will Survive Long After Iran’s Tyrannical Regime Becomes History

jerusalem day

The Jerusalem Post reports: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reassured Diaspora Jews visiting Israel as part of the Birthright Taglit program that despite Iran’s most recent threat against Israel and the looming danger it still poses, the Jewish state will continue to stand strong.

“Last week in Tehran, they put a clock counting down to Israel’s destruction- but we will be here long after their theocratic tyranny is just a part of history,” the premier told the men and women participating in Birthright’s “Mega Event,” which saw thousands of Diaspora Jews gather in central Israel on Sunday evening.

Netanyahu was referring to last week’s erection of a digital clock that was unveiled in the Iranian capital during Al-Quds Day festivities. The clock does not tell time but instead is counting down to the destruction of Israel, set for 2040. The date is inspired by a speech Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei gave in 2015 in which he threatened that the “Zionist regime will cease to exist in the next 25 years.”

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