EXCLUSIVE – Palestinian Jihadist Leaders Respond to Israel’s Debate About Death Sentences for Terrorists

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

TEL AVIV — A bill proposed in Israel’s Knesset to allow death sentences for terrorists won’t deter the Palestinians and resistance will continue, Palestinian officials have said in conversations with Breitbart Jerusalem.

A recent survey conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University showed that nearly 70 percent of the Israeli public supports death sentences for Palestinian terrorists. At the same time, Knesset member Nava Boker (Likud) presented a bill to apply the death penalty to Palestinians who have murdered more than one Israeli.

Representatives of Palestinian terrorist organizations said that the prospect of being sentenced to death won’t prevent Palestinians from carrying out attacks targeting Israelis.

Hamas official Husam Badran said, “All the laws of the Zionists are rooted in clear racism toward the Palestinians who are groaning under the yoke of the occupation and its laws. These laws, and especially this bill, show that this is an occupation that is devoid of moral codes.”

While preaching morality, Badran’s Hamas has carried out deadly suicide bombings, shootings and rocket attacks and advocates the destruction of Israel. Hamas has also been widely accused of using civilians as human shields.

According to Badran, “This bill, like other laws and bills, represents an admission from the occupation of its failure to handle the attacks carried out by young Palestinians and members of the resistance against the ongoing aggression against our people.”

“The Palestinians will continue down the path of resistance and they will use all the tools at their disposal to oppose all these racist and fascist laws that show more than anything that those controlling this entity are a group of fascists,” said the Hamas official who also called on human rights organizations and international organizations to oppose any Israeli bill on death sentences for Palestinian jihadists.

Hader Habib, a member of the Iran-backed Islamic Jihad terrorist group, voiced similar sentiments, saying, “Laws like the one proposed on the death sentence are the continuation of Zionist criminality and condescension that’s ongoing toward the Palestinian people. This is a clear violation of international law that requires everyone to respect human beings and human rights.”

Habib stressed, “These laws won’t bring an end to Palestinian resistance that will continue both in its armed form and in its popular form, especially the Jerusalem intifada led by young Palestinians with the stone, the knife and the primitive gun in response to the aggressiveness and crimes of the Zionist occupation.”

Rabah Muhana, a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, said, “This racist law will ignite the intifada and lead to an escalation of heroic attacks – both individual and organized – that are meant to repulse the occupation and remove it from all Palestinian land.”

Muhana continued by spinning a wild, anti-Israel conspiracy: “The Zionist entity has never stopped executing the Palestinians. The pre-meditated executions in cold blood against innocent Palestinians with the claim that a knife was found in their belongings continues all the time.”

“This dangerous law, along with others, represents a clear violation of international conventions,” he continued without a trace of irony amid his own terrorist group’s violations of human rights. “These are racist laws meant to legitimize the killing of Palestinians and created to execute in cold blood Palestinians fighting for their rights. … I call on Palestinians not to take this law into consideration and to escalate the violence and the handling of the occupation.”


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