Police: Palestinian Who Stabbed Israeli Guard Pretended to Be Journalist

A Palestinian attacker, hiding among journalists, before he stabbed a Border Police office
Israeli Police

The Times of Israel reports: Police on Sunday said that a Palestinian man who stabbed a Border Police officer near the West Bank city of Ramallah on Friday had been pretending to be a journalist in the moments before the attack, which allowed him to get closer to Israeli troops unnoticed.

“The terrorist used the media as a cover to prepare for the attack and ran toward the officers from where the press was gathered,” a police spokesperson said. In the attack, Mohammed Aqal, 29, who was wearing what appeared to be a suicide bomb belt, stabbed the border guard twice in the upper body, moderately wounding him.

Aqal then tried to flee, but was shot three times by officers on the scene after they noticed his apparent suicide bomb belt, fearing he would detonate it, police said. The belt was made up of several objects covered in tape, connected with wires. It was later found to not contain actual explosives.

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