Watch: Michael Gove Attacks ‘Hamas-Hugging’ Jeremy Corbyn over Anti-Semitism

UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove used his Conservative Party conference speech on Monday to describe Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as a “Moscow-loving, Hamas-hugging, high-taxing, moderate-bashing, job-destroying, national anthem-avoiding, Nato-hating, class war-provoking one-man museum of economic folly.”

Then he really warmed to his theme.

Mr. Gove has long been regarded as a friend of the UK Jewish community and used his address in Birmingham to reinforce the bonds he sees linking the Conservative Party and Jews.

He said Labour under Corbyn had become “a toxic cocktail of unrepentant Marxism-Leninism and unacceptable antisemitism,” then let loose on Labour’s anti-Semities:

They are giving all the errors of the 20th century another chance to wreck our society. We’ve seen how this story ends before: in misery and shame. When our Jewish friends and neighbours live in fear for their futures, let us stand with them against prejudice, against intimidation, against bigotry and against hate.

Mr. Gove added the single message of “unshakeable solidarity with the Jewish community” should come “loud and clear” from the Conservative conference.

The Environment Secretary’s address comes after a summer of discontent for the Labour Party in general and its leader Mr. Corbyn in particular with constant claims of anti-Semitism defining the party as hostile to British Jews.

Earlier in the day, Dominic Raab called out the opposition Labour Party’s entrenched anti-Semitism by using the example of his own father’s escape from the Holocaust and the anti-Jewish hatred generated by Nazism.

Mr. Raab highlighted the left’s love of intimidation coupled with ideological fanaticism and scapegoating, “especially against Jews.”

He pointed to the party’s “cosying up to Holocaust deniers and terrorists” and the “casual equation of Jews with the Israeli government” as reasons why Labour could never be trusted with government.

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