Israeli Arab Teenager: It’s ‘A Privilege’ to Serve in IDF

Israel destroys West Bank home of Palestinian attacker: army

Ynetnews reports: T., a 19-year-old from the Jerusalem area, where clashes with police is a regular occurence, decided four months ago in an unprecedented move to join the Border Police. On Wednesday he is expected to participate in a graduation ceremony from basic training where he will receive a combat pin.

Although the teenager says it’s “a privilege to serve my country,” his family, especially his mother is less enthusiastic. She has an excuse prepared for anyone asking about his whereabouts. “She tells everyone that I study at university,” T. explained laughingly.

Due to fears that his enlistment will be uncovered, the logistics of returning home on weekends are complex. “I leave the base wearing the uniform and change to civilian clothes at the central bus station. Then, a friend of mine picks me up and drops me off at the house,” he said, adding, “I’m not afraid for myself, but rather for my family.”

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