Calls to Murder Jews Still Prevalent in U.N. Palestinian Agency Schools Funded by Biden Admin

A Palestinian teacher speaks in class at a school in Gaza City on April 2, 2013. A law banning mixed sex schooling in the Gaza Strip has entered into force, education minister for Hamas, which rules the Palestinian territory, said on April 1. The law, which was issued on February …

Palestinian schools run by the U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees — to which President Joe Biden has given almost a billion dollars since entering office — still teach inciting content against Israel, including “regularly calling for the murder of Jews,” a new report by an Israeli watchdog showed.

The report by the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-SE), an Israeli watchdog that analyzes Palestinian textbooks, and co-authored by the U.N. Watch nonprofit, found dozens of instances of glorification of violence by UNRWA teachers and staff, despite multiple pledges by the agency to adopt a a zero tolerance policy on the matter.

The U.N. agency’s staff and schools, throughout the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, “regularly call for the murder of Jews, and create teaching materials that glorify terrorism, encourage martyrdom, demonize Israelis, and incite antisemitism,” IMPACT-SE said.

The report “captures evidence taken from inside UNRWA classrooms, showing the teaching of these materials, and revealing how UNRWA’s own content directs students to study specific hateful passages in Palestinian textbooks — which the organization claims teachers are told to skip.”


File/A Palestinian man rides his horse past the UNRWA relief and social programme office in Gaza City on January 8, 2018. (MOHAMMED ABED/AFP/Getty Images)

It “identifies 133 UNRWA educators and staff who were found to promote hate and violence on social media, and an additional 82 UNRWA teachers and other staff affiliated with over 30 UNRWA schools involved in drafting, supervising, approving, printing, and distributing hateful content to students.”

Last year, a similar report revealed that Palestinian children in UNRWA schools were given mathematics problems using martyrs from the First Intifada to formulate equations, told to “defend the motherland with blood,” and told the lie that Israel dumps radioactive and toxic waste on purpose in the West Bank in order to harm Palestinians.

Even then, UNRWA, which serves millions of Palestinian refugees in the West Bank, Gaza, Syria, Lebanon and elsewhere in the Middle East, promised that the issue had been resolved and that the material in question had not been in use since 2020.

In one of its first acts, the Biden administration made a decision to resume funding for UNRWA after the Trump administration cut all funds to the agency for being “irredeemably flawed.”

In December, Biden’s newly appointed U.S. Special Representative for Palestinian Affairs, the anti-Israel Hady Amr, boasted the administration had “elevated” the Palestinian cause, in part because of the hundreds of millions of dollars in funding it had funneled to UNRWA.

“We’ve given about $680 million to UNRWA over the last 18 months and we are going to stay committed to supporting that organization,” Amr said, and added that the U.S. was now the agency’s largest donor.

Israel has called for permanently shuttering UNRWA, citing its perpetuation of the conflict as well as its terrorist ties. Palestinian so-called refugees are the only “refugees” in the world that pass that status on to their descendants in perpetuity. One of the core issues in the conflict is the Palestinian demand for the “right of return” that would see those refugees and their descendants — who now number around 5 million — return to Israel in any final status agreement. Israel has categorically rejected this demand, deeming it a bid to destroy the Jewish state by demographics.

The U.N. agency, which drew international criticism in 2019 a leaked internal report alleged corruption, sexual misconduct and mismanagement at the agency’s highest levels, was also found to be employing members of terror organizations in the past. Breitbart News previously exposed an UNRWA summer program that was indoctrinating Palestinian children to hate Jews by exposing them to videos denying the Holocaust and pictures celebrating Hitler.

The U.N. itself released a report in 2015 that found Palestinian terror groups used three empty UNRWA schools in Gaza as a weapons cache. Moreover, it said that in at least two cases terrorists “probably” fired rockets at Israel from the schools during the 50-day summer conflict in 2014 between Israel and Hamas. As recently as December, UNRWA announced the discovery of another terror tunnel under one of its schools in Gaza.




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