Newsweek Interviews Far-Left ‘Community Organizers’ Involved in Berkeley Riot

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In a piece for Newsweek, writer Max Kutner interviewed several far-left protesters about the riot that took place in Berkeley two weeks ago against Breitbart Senior Editor MILO.

“It became clear to me and my close friends that the tone of living in America is changing, and in order to stop being scared, we started organizing,” said UC Berkeley student Neil Lawrence. “I, a transgender Jew, don’t have a problem with violence against fascists.”

“A large part of what we do is not put on black clothes and fight the police,” claimed far-left activist and editor of anarchist site It’s Going Down James Anderson. “Most of what we do is actual community organizing.”

“What we’re talking about is mass resistance, mass disruption,” he continued. “We’re not saying, ‘Everybody go get a gun and kill a bunch of people.’”

Newsweek claimed that the “anti-fascist” protesters’ “community organizing” includes “helping people join unions or advocate around environmental and housing issues.”

It’s Going Down, where Anderson edits, previously doxed conservative students at UC Berkeley for hosting MILO’s event, posting personal and private contact information and even the workplace address of one student who claims he wasn’t even involved with organizing the event.

When Breitbart News confronted the site with the student’s claims, they refused to update their article or issue an apology and replied simply with, “f*ck off.”

“When I’m organizing my co-workers to resist exploitation by our boss, I don’t suggest we wear black to work and smash the place up,” explained Occupy protester Craig Toennies, before adding, “although that might be worth considering sometime in the future.”

“As the visibility of fascism has grown, so too has the visibility of the resistance,” he continued. “People need to know, and I hope that they do know, that there are people like them who are willing to fight back—by any means necessary.”

“Anti-fascists” from far-left groups started several fires, smashed windows and ATMs, looted downtown stores, attacked cars, and assaulted dozens of MILO fans, male and female, who they falsely accused of being “Nazis” during the riot on February 1.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that rioters caused around $100,000 in damages at UC Berkeley, while the damage to downtown Berkeley was reported to be around $400,000 to $500,000.

During an interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight Monday, BAMN organizer Yvette Felarca claimed MILO was leading a “movement of genocide” and “espousing rape,” before adding that he must be shut down by any means necessary– a popular slogan for members of the extremist group BAMN (“By Any Means Necessary”).

BAMN previously distributed flyers in Michigan likening MILO to Adolf Hitler and falsely claiming that he “promotes” rape and violence, while the group has also been accused of having links with various terrorist organizations.

Last week, another organizer for BAMN called the violent Berkeley riot against MILO “stunningly successful,” before warning that MILO could expect the same response should he return to the city.

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