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Vice Admiral Norbert Ryan: The New Greatest Generation


“One percent of the population has carried three hundred million people through the past ten years of war. Can you imagine what our economy would be if we had another 9/11?” -Vice Admiral Norbert Ryan

Today on Frank Gaffney’s Secure Freedom Radio, retired Naval officer and current President of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), Vice Admiral Norbert Ryan discusses how his organization is advocating through their new Voices for America’s Troops program for a better understanding of the struggles that our men and women in uniform are enduring. He estimates that our military personal spend only 8 out of 36 months at home. This not only puts a psychological strain on the individual, but also on their families. These “next greatest generation” of young soldiers as he puts it need both modern weaponry and a longer period of physical and mental rest. Thus, MOAA’s Voices for America’s Troops is giving everyday American citizens who want to help our troops a method of doing so. If you want to join these citizens and help support our troops, please visit the Voices for America website today.

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