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Rep. Ed Royce: Pakistani Intelligence Proves No Help In Supporting American Operations


This week on Frank Gaffney’s Secure Freedom Radio: US Congressman for the 40th district of California and the Chairman of the Sub-committee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation, and Trade, Rep. Ed Royce discusses the prosecution of a man in Pakistan accused of giving assistance to the CIA in finding and confirming the presence of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. Rep. Royce states that the situation on the ground in Pakistan is worsening by the year. Thus, the United States has amped up Predator drone strikes.

The main issue in Pakistan is that the ISI Pakistan intelligence services refuse to support the US in its operations targeting senior Pakistani leaders who have participated in anti-American activities. The corrupt Pakistani intelligence services have only led to more and more instability in the region and undermined US-Pakistan cooperation.

This instability has also expanded the upheaval of the country and thrown more control to Islamist groups. In regards to the killing of al-Alwaki, Rep. Royce states that the Supreme Court ruled 60 years ago that a US citizen who has participated in belligerent enemy activities does not exclude him from the consequences of these treasonous acts.

You can here the rest of Rep. Royce’s interview with Frank here and at



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