Calling for the Resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder

The Fast and Furious scheme, where more than 2,000 rifles were knowingly and willfully allowed to be transported from the United States into Mexico, has now been linked to a number of deaths on both sides of the border, including two United States federal agents. The scandal has now become a full-scale criminal investigation enveloping several agencies, including; the Justice Department, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the United States Attorney’s office in Arizona and now even includes the White House.

President Obama and Attorney General Holder have repeatedly stated that Justice Department Acting Inspector General (Cynthia A. Schnedar) is currently conducting the internal investigation. However, Ms. Schnedar has long ties to Mr. Holder, and she recently released secret tapes which compromised the investigation. Mr. Holder apparently has no intention to appoint a truly independent investigator. Despite his denials, there are a number of memoranda that suggest that Attorney General Holder knew of the operation well before the time period that he stated in his congressional testimony, and that other Justice Department and White House staff were aware of the operation as well.

This kind of scandal and denial is nothing new to Mr. Holder. He has a demonstrated pattern of dangerous disregard for the American citizens he is sworn to protect. As Deputy Attorney General he engineered executive clemency for the unrepentant terrorists of the FALN and an international fugitive, Marc Rich, who sold arms to our enemies. In order to maintain his effectiveness and ensure the credibility of the Justice Department, The Attorney General of the United States must operate at a legal, honest and ethical level above reproach. Mr. Holder clearly falls short of those minimal requirements.

Currently a growing number of at least 34 Congressmen and women have called for Mr. Holder’s immediate resignation.

If you agree that Holder should resign, please use the attached web links to contact Congress. Let your Congressperson or Senator know that Eric Holder’s behavior has been malfeasant at minimum and his immediate resignation from the post of Attorney General of the United States should be demanded.

The following is suggested text. If your Congressperson or Senator uses a form email from which you must select a topic, appropriate choices would be Crime, Judiciary or Government Affairs. If you do not know your 4 digit zip code extension required to submit a comment, you can find it on this site:

Dear Senator/Congressperson

The mismanagement of the Fast & Furious investigation has brought to light the incompetence and lack of candor by the Department of Justice and Attorney General Eric Holder in particular. Mr. Holder has failed to execute his office in a responsible manner, and has attempted to obfuscate facts surrounding this matter. In light of this I believe it is your responsibility to call for the immediate resignation of Mr. Holder and appointment of a truly independent counsel to carry out an impartial investigation of Fast & Furious and related government operations which put both the American public and Mexican public at risk.

Your constituent,



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