Monica Crowley: Islamists and Progressives vs. Free Speech

“What CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood front groups do in America and do in the West is intimidation.” – Monica Crowley

This week, CAIR, a defacto Islamist lobby front group pressured the NYPD policy chief, Ray Kelly, to resign. Reuters reported yesterday that progressive group, VoteVets, wants West Point to ban General William Boykin from speech at a prayer breakfast. Each group takes issue with free speech under the condition that it addresses the threat doctrine animating terrorism in government counter terrorism training if such speech is associated with Islam in any way. Former Congressman and Center for Security Policy’s Executive Vice President, Fred Grandy, brings his unique expertise on these matters in today’s show.

Monica Crowley joins Frank with an up close New Yorker’s take on CAIR’s attack on Ray Kelly and the NYPD counter terrorist capability. From Monica there is a depth of understanding about why the NYPD is so successful and what it is about there counter terrorism training that has CAIR’s ire. In Kelly’s case, it has to do with a film of increasing curiosity called The Third Jihad. These interviews and more are here SECURE FREEDOM RADIO.