For Israel, Palestinian 'Land Day' Violence Now Routine

For Israel, Palestinian 'Land Day' Violence Now Routine

Today marks the 36th Land Day celebration for Palestinians. It is a day when they rally as a means of calling attention to Israel’s supposed overreach, their contention being that Israel has infringed upon their land rights.

However, they also do something on this day that they tend to do on other days as well–namely, turn violent. And that’s just what’s happened this Land Day, as reports are arriving that “Palestinians [have thrown] stones at Israeli forces at several checkpoints between Israel and the Palestinian territories.” In response, Israeli forces have “fired rubber bullets, tear gas and stun grenades to break up crowds.”

But Israel knew the violence was coming today, because the Palestinians had all announced they would combine an attempted “March to Jerusalem” with their typical Land Day celebration. And as events have unfolded, it’s clear that by combining the two, the Palestinians were simply bolstering their usual excuse for violence with a second excuse, in hopes of really causing some disruption.

Earlier this week, the Israelis predicted “protests are expected to break out in several Palestinian cities in the West Bank and at the Kalandiya crossing to Ramallah, north of Jerusalem.” And to stave off the violence, they put Jerusalem police on high alert and “the Northern and Southern Commands have deployed extra forces along the borders with Lebanon, Syria and the Gaza Strip together with riot gear to prevent border infiltrations.” This is Israel’s reality. They live at risk and deal with terror 24/7.

As for the Palestinians, we’ve just been reminded that every day is good day to riot. For them, any old excuse will do.