Nobel Prize-Winning Former SS Rips Israel

Nobel Prize-Winning Former SS Rips Israel

Gunter Grass, the German Nobel laureate, was quoted on Wednesday in the German Sueddeutsche Zeitung stating that Iran is not the nuclear threat we should be worried about. The real nuclear threat, he wrote, is Israel: “Israel’s atomic power endangers an already fragile world peace.”  He wants Germany to stop “providing material for a crime that is foreseeable.” 

When both the left and right-wing reacted strongly, Grass defended himself: “I have noticed that in a democratic country with press freedom that people are expected to toe the line and that there is a refusal to address the content and the questions I raise here.’

But Grass has no moral legs to stand on: he was a member of the Waffen SS in World War II. As Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu asserted, “The shameful comparison that Gunter Grass made between Israel and Iran, a regime which denies the Holocaust and calls for Israel’s destruction, says very little about Israel and a great deal about Mr. Grass … for him to cast the one and only Jewish state as the greatest threat … is perhaps not surprising.”

Naturally, Iran’s regime leaped at this salutation from a Nobel Prize winner; Iranian Press TV called it “a deadly lyrical stroke on Israel’s lie.”

Ironically, the Nobel jury that awarded grass the Nobel Prize for Literature praised Grass’s writings as ” frolicsome black fables portray the forgotten face of history.” Apparently, Grass is so eager to cover for his own crimes that he’d prefer to cast the Jewish State as the true Nazi-esque regime.