Assad's Forces Reportedly Kill 220 Villagers in One Day

Assad's Forces Reportedly Kill 220 Villagers in One Day

Russia and China have long supported Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. And even now, as news breaks that a Syrian attack on a village in the Hama region reportedly killed 200 or more opposition members, Russia and China continue to stand with his regime. 

The Huffington Post is reporting that the Syrian attack, “if true,” would be the worst on record during the sixteen months of conflict between Assad’s government and the opposition. An opposition leader in Syria claims 220 people died on July 13 from “bombardment by tanks and helicopters, artillery shelling, and summary executions.” 

The number of deaths is so large that reports indicate every family in the region lost at least one member in the attack.

Nawaf al-Fares, a former Syrian ambassador to Iraq who has defected and turned against Assad’s government, claims that Assad has adopted a “turn your guns on the criminals approach” to governance. If true, this means the bombardment of the Hama village is just the beginning of things to come.