Hours Before Congressional Hearings, State Department Comes Clean On Libya

Hours Before Congressional Hearings, State Department Comes Clean On Libya

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a major Congressional hearing on the terror attack In Libya and in a desperately transparent attempt to get ahead of damaging news, at the very last minute tonight, the State Department finally came clean:

In other words, absolutely everything we were told by our government — by President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, Ambassador Susan Rice. White House Spokesman Jay Carney, and any number of staffers and surrogates — was 100% false.

There were no protests, no benign crowds exploited by local militias, and nothing had anything to do with a video. Our Ambassador, another diplomat, and two Navy SEALs  were murdered in a brutally efficient and coordinated terrorist attack.


End of story.

In other words, just days after the president declared al-Qaeda all but obliterated at his convention in Charlotte, and because no one took direct threats and pleas for added security seriously, on the anniversary of September 11, four Americans were assassinated in Libya by al-Qaeda associates. And for days and days and days afterward, the Obama Administration covered this fact up with lies of omission, half-truths, double talk, and outright lies.

By keeping our focus and anger on a completely fabricated fable about a stupid video and a “spontaneous” protest gone bad, the White House could pretend the lack of security or the lack of turning a pile of intelligence into something “actionable,” wasn’t their fault.

What I would like to know is where was the evidence for this “spontaneous protest?” What was this nonsense based on? Because since day one, every piece of concrete evidence pointed to a coordinated terror attack. In fact, the only evidence I know of of a spontaneous protest gone bad was what our dishonest government was telling us.

And they told us this all the way through September 19.

When Ambassador Rice did the Sunday Show round-robin FOUR days after the attack, and told America…

We do not– we do not have information at present that leads us to conclude that this was premeditated or preplanned.

…she lied.

During a White House briefing, when Jay Carney told this to the White House Press Corps a full SEVEN days after the attack….

All I can tell you is that based on the information that we had then and have now we do not yet have indication that it was pre-planned or pre-meditated.

…he lied.

If the corrupt media were to give this unraveling scandal a tenth of the attention it deserves, Obama’s reelection chances would be non-existent. Libya isn’t just a scandal about criminally lax security, it’s also a cover up committed by a White House betting on the media to be a co-conspirator.

And thus far, with rare exception, that’s been a pretty safe bet.

And if Obama does win reelection, that’s when the media will finally stop protecting him and we can all expect his second term to be completely crippled by this scandal for years.

You know, had Obama been half as concerned with the security of overseas assets in the form of personnel and intelligence as he is with securing more welfare for Big Bird, the world would look a whole lot different today.

But Big Bird is Big Bird and Libya was just a “bump in the road.”


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