Forget October, Anonymous Sources Say November Surprise in the Works

Forget October, Anonymous Sources Say November Surprise in the Works

Anonymous reports coming out of the Middle East indicate President Obama may be planning military action to take place in the days before the U.S. presidential election. 

Certain individuals currently deployed in various U.S. land, sea, and/or air missions in the Middle East are indicating they’ve heard about possibilities that could take place one to two days before the election: perhaps against Iran, perhaps elsewhere in the Middle East.

These individuals have no idea what might be coming, but some of them indicate receiving upgraded clearances and travel documents that will allow them to move more easily between countries should something big take place in the region. 

When Gov. Romney began threatening to overtake Obama in the polls two weeks ago, various commentators wondered aloud whether Obama would use a military strike to try to show his toughness and bolster his numbers. And when Gallup showed a consistent 6-point lead for Romney last week, callers asked Rush Limbaugh if he thought such an attack-for-votes scheme were actually possible?

Limbaugh did not confirm or deny whether he thought such an attack were possible. Rather, he simply said such an attack would be seen for what it really was — a desperate attempt to get votes.

Some of our brave men and women in uniform in the Middle East not only believe such attack is possible, but that a November surprise is actually in the works.


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