Laughingstock: Taliban Official Mocks Petraeus Affair

Laughingstock: Taliban Official Mocks Petraeus Affair

After the all the laughter the Taliban has had at Obama’s expense over the past four years, reports indicate they are now getting a kick out of General David Petraeus’ affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell.

It was only days after Obama won reelection that the Taliban gloated that he was going to have to pull out of Afghanistan and admit that the U.S. “has lost the war.” Now, they’re laughing at the man who commanded the soldiers who fought them in Afghanistan. 

When asked about Petraeus’ affair during an on-air interview with AFP in northwest Pakistan this week, a Taliban official burst into laughter.

The anonymous jihadist took the opportunity to ponder what the former CIA director’s fate should be: “From a Pashtun point of view, Petraeus should be shot by relatives from his mistress’s family. From a Shariah point of view, he should be stoned to death.”

The Taliban official went on to say he is not shocked by Petraeus’ behavior in the least: “It’s quite normal for Americans and Western people to behave like this.”