Islamists Kidnap, Threaten to Murder Homosexuals in Libya

Islamists Kidnap, Threaten to Murder Homosexuals in Libya

As the results of the Arab Spring continue to show themselves in clearer light, Islamists in Libya have kidnapped 12 homosexual men and announced plans to kill them.

The kidnappers are members of the “Private Deterrent Force,” which is believed to be part of the Nawasi militia group. 

They kidnapped the men from a private party in Tripoli on Nov. 22nd and have not made clear when they plan to kill them yet. Their actions demonstrate the fact that Sharia has come to Libya, and Islamists are ready to make examples out of those who offend Islamic law. 

This episode brings to mind again the death of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Benghazi and the foreign policy failures of the Obama administration. It raises anew the question the Serbian consulate asked just days after Stevens’ murder — why was a homosexual ambassador sent to a country full of militant Islamists this hostile towards homosexuals?