State Department Preparing for Bombshell Benghazi Revelations?

State Department Preparing for Bombshell Benghazi Revelations?

This week, U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice withdrew her name from consideration as the next Secretary of State, while current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went from definitely testifying on Benghazi next week to a slightly less-certain “maybe” testifying on Benghazi next week. 

While Rice’s and Clinton’s respective announcements could be unrelated, it seems more than likely that they are connected. Moreover, it seems likely these developments are indicative of a State Dept that is preparing for bombshell Benghazi revelations to be released with or without Clinton’s testimony. 

Speaking about the anticipated Benghazi findings, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) said, “You’re starting to see the State Dept squirm a bit.”

An independent board’s review of the Benghazi attack is to be finished next week. This review was requested by the State Dept, and it’s believed the review will come down hard on Clinton and others within the administration. 

If the report is done right, Chaffetz says it will be a “very difficult thing” for the State Dept to counter or explain away.

Perhaps fearing what the report will reveal, State Dept spokespersons are now saying there’s a chance it won’t be completed by next week. Some are even saying that they’ve re-evaluated the release procedures for the report and “reject the notion that the final report on Libya [needs] to be shared with Congress at all.”

The bottom line is that the State Dept is circling the wagons. Those who can get out — like Ambassador Rice — are fleeing the scene. Others are trying to avoid Congressional testimony at all costs.