Northern Ireland Bomb Plots Against Police Thwarted

Northern Ireland Bomb Plots Against Police Thwarted

A car bomb was found in the family car of a Northern Ireland law enforcement officer. The bomb was discovered by the officer and destroyed in a controlled explosion. Another bomb was found near a Belfast police station the following day.

In the first incident, the officer found the bomb before he or his family were killed as he set out to take his wife and two children for lunch. Three men were arrested for the crime, ages 41, 25 and 34, but no names were given by authorities.

The second incident involved what authorities described as a “viable” explosive device that had been placed near a police station. Homes and a church were evacuated and residents were able to return after police disabled the device.

The bomb plantings come after an April of 2012 car bombing of a law enforcement officer who died from his wounds and the shooting death of a prison officer last month.

Northern Ireland authorities are blaming Irish Republican splinter groups that are dissatisfied with the peace process.

Law enforcement officers are often the focal point for dissident political groups in Northern Ireland, as they are in the United States. Thankfully, it has been decades since American dissidents’ hatred for police has resulted in actual assassinations. Due in part to US law enforcements’ thwarting radical plots to injure or kill law enforcement, US assassinations have stayed within the confines of predominantly left-of-center groups supporting convicted cop-killers who murdered mother and fathers in uniform.