UN Launches Investigation into U.S. Drone Strikes

UN Launches Investigation into U.S. Drone Strikes

There is another classic case of the UN trying to emasculate the United States’ power. The UN is launching an investigation into the use of drones for strikes in warfare. The drones are highly successful in striking opposing forces without risking American lives.

Last year, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay started the ball rolling when she started an inquiry into the Obama administration’s use of drones inside Pakistan. Pillay wanted to look into civilian casualties resulting from the use of drones and try to condemn the U.S. for human rights violations. Pillay proclaimed,  “I see the indiscriminate killings and injuries of civilians in any circumstances as human-rights violations.”

The problem with Leftists in the international community is that they refuse to acknowledge that there are always collateral deaths in war, and so any civilian casualties, even those resulting from terrorists using civilians as shields, are routinely condemned as “human rights violations.”

So the investigation will begin, of course, with interviews with natives of Pakistan, Yemeni and the Sahel region in Africa so they can condemn the air strikes. What will follow will be meetings with countries using drones. The third step will be submitting findings to the UN so the UN can condemn us.

Just this week, a U.S. drone killed six suspected al Qaeda militants in Yemen. That makes 20 suspected terrorists killed in the last week by drones. No American casualties from these attacks.

No wonder the UN wants to put a stop to the drones.