Egypt Police Arrest 2 More Islamist Leaders

Egypt Police Arrest 2 More Islamist Leaders

(AP) Egypt police arrest 2 more Islamist leaders
Associated Press
Egyptian officials say police have arrested two leaders of a Muslim Brotherhood-allied Islamist party on suspicion of inciting violence.

The officials said Monday that Abul-Ela Madi and Essam Soltan of the Wasat Party have been taken to Tora prison where a number of Brotherhood leaders have been held since the July 3 military coup that deposed Islamist President Mohamed Morsi.

Officials say the two men, who had warrants out for their arrest, were found late Sunday hiding in a home in a Cairo neighborhood located near the main protest site of Morsi’s supporters.

Egypt’s interim leadership has cracked down on the Brotherhood and its allies since the coup, detaining several leading Islamist figures. Morsi himself has been held incommunicado by the military since his ouster.