Videos Show Ukraine Snipers Firing on Unarmed Protesters in Kiev

Videos Show Ukraine Snipers Firing on Unarmed Protesters in Kiev

The Daily Mail published screen shots from amateur videos which show snipers shooting unarmed protesters in Kiev, Ukraine.

Violence accelerated during the protests – which started in late November – on February 18th. The Ukraine Health Ministry said the death toll is at 75, but CNN reported 100 dead early Thursday morning.

Volunteer medic Olesya Zhukovskaya tweeted out “I’m dying” after she was shot:

Click here to see The Daily Mail’s story, but be warned, the content is graphic.

The violence forced the US State Department to issue visa bans for 20 Ukrainian officials and a Ukraine travel alert. President Viktor Yanukovich said he and the opposition leaders reached a truce Wednesday night, but the protesters thought it was a ruse. They seized a post office and captured 67 policemen.

The White House told Yanukovich to pull back security forces in Kiev, and the European Union imposed sanctions against the Ukrainian officials. The United States did not make a decision on its own sanctions against the country.

Independence Square in Kiev became home to many protesters after Yanukovich turned down a trade deal with the EU in favor of a $15 billion bailout from Russia. Their main demand is for Yanukovich to resign and to hold early elections. 


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