Donald Trump: Putin 'Toying' with Obama

Donald Trump: Putin 'Toying' with Obama

Speaking at CPAC on Thursday, businessman Donald Trump said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “toying” with President Barack Obama while nations like China are taking advantage of the United States because they do not respect the president.

Trump said that after Putin took over Crimea right after the Olympics, he basically ensured that Ukraine would eventually fall since most of its wealth is in the Crimea region. He then said that Putin is now close to Iran, and Iran has essentially taken over Iraq.

“You look at what he’s doing with President Obama, he’s toying with him,” Trump said before mentioning that Putin even “gave me a gift” after the Miss Universe pageant that Trump’s organization hosted in Russia.

Trump said that China can devalue its currency because America’s leadership is “so weak and pathetic China thinks they can get away with it.” He said other nations think the same.

“They have no respect for our leader,” Trump said. “They have no respect any longer for our great country. And it’s so simple to solve. What we need is a strong economy. What we need are jobs.”

Trump also said that Afghanistan’s Hamid Karzai is also treating Obama like “he doesn’t even exist.”

He added that America’s debt is “beyond belief” and the nation has “deficits nobody can comprehend.”

“We’re getting into Jimmy Carter territory,” he said of Obama’s low poll numbers. “I never thought I’d see anything like that again.”


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