Breitbart News Saturday: Experts Say Ukraine Invasion Exploits Weak USA

Breitbart News Saturday: Experts Say Ukraine Invasion Exploits Weak USA

Sebastian Gorka, a Professor of War and Conflict Studies at National Defense University in Washington, told Breitbart News Saturday that Russia has re-emerged as a great power while Obama has been President.

Gorka, who holds a PhD and is also an Associate fellow at the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM)’s Joint Special Operations University, asserts that Russia, under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, has reinvigorated itself due in large part to the weakness demonstrated by the United States and Europe.  

Russia, with its economic stranglehold in Western Europe and the United States’ recently announced defense cuts, can pretty much do what it wants to do in the most important land mass of the 20th century.  “If you think about it we got involved in two world wars because of the Eurasian Continent, and now if you just had to pick one person who can do what he likes in Eurasia it’s not going to be the US President, it’s not going to be the Chancellor of Germany or even the British Prime Minister. It is a former Colonel in the KGB who is shaping the future of Europe.”

Fox News Contributor Jim Pinkerton, also appearing on the Sirius XM Patriot channel 125 broadcast, agreed with Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alexander Marlow that Americans are naïve when it comes to Russia’s broadening aggression in eastern Europe. Marlow said that Russia doesn’t have, “America envy, which we narcissistically ascribe to every other country.” Pinkerton said that if you live on the upper Westside of Manhattan, you automatically assume that everyone in the world is in favor of “gay rights, tofu, and free marijuana.”

Pinkerton asserted that liberals walk the planet with the idea that their progressive “Whole Foods store values are universal and that just isn’t the case. And Putin is just spitting on us.” The Fox News commentator and host says that the Obama administration is “so hypnotized by its own propaganda it hasn’t even noticed.”

Also appearing on the show was Dr. Ariel Cohen from the Heritage Foundation. Cohen, a scholar on  Russian and Eurasian studies and international energy policy, insists that Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine is the worst geopolitical development since the Cold War.

He noted this is a severe blow to international relations because Russia has as many nuclear weapons as we do. America needs to step up with strong financial and international sanctions, including blocking Russia’s ability to wire capital outside of their country. Cohen contended that this will hurt them where it matters most: in their pocketbook. The Heritage Foundation expert said that he was willing to bet money that Russia will overtake eastern Ukraine by the end of next week.