Stealth Boats For Special Forces Delivered to Israel

Stealth Boats For Special Forces Delivered to Israel

A special forces “delivery, extraction, and reconnaissance” boat called the “Alligator” has been revealed and “delivered to Israel.”

The boat has a “very low radar cross-section” and has been seen “patrolling up and down the Columbia River [by] Portland and Vancouver” for testing.

According to Foxtrot Alpha, the Alligator is a “low slung” vessel that has “the ability to lower its draft to the point where the cabin windows sit right above the waterline via flooring ballast tanks located on each side and below the boat’s main cabin.” This means “the boat [is] not only hard to spot on radar but… is also challenging to spot visually.”

To date, the Alligator appears to be in use only by Israeli Special Operations. However, its inception was followed by larger boats along the same design–the Sealion and Sealion 2–the latter of which seems to continue being built and “the U.S. Navy seems to keep operating them.” 

Sealion stands for “SEAL Insertion, Observation, and Neutralization.” And the platform for these vessels is larger, with bays readied for “rigid inflatable raiding craft,” allowing SEAL teams to launch an attack from a Sealion 2.

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