Troopathon 7: The Anatomy of a Troopathon Care Package

Troopathon 7: The Anatomy of a Troopathon Care Package

At home, going to the grocery store is something we take for granted. Sometimes we may even consider it a chore depending how busy we are. But consider this: at this moment, our brave troops on the front lines do not have that luxury. Many times, they are told what to eat and when to eat it. What’s more, many of the PX or BX (convenience stores on base where troops would normally get things like sun block and deodorant) have been shut down as part of President Obama’s withdrawal timetable. Our troops have nowhere to get these useful items unless we send them.

At Troopathon, our aim is to make sure our troops get the items they need by sending care packages full of useful items to help them get through a tough 9-12 month deployment. These care packages have items chosen specifically to make the troops more comfortable, remind them of home, and help them keep cool in the hot Afghan summer.

Troopathon care packages include both useful and luxury items such as:

Gourmet Rogers Family Company coffee.

Powdered Gatorade to replace critical electrolytes.

Handy and Hoo-Ahhs Field Towels which are HEAVY DUTY wet wipes able to withstand the harsh conditions of Afghanistan. These field towels are not only durable, but reusable. These Hoo-Ahhs Field Towels are a godsend to a soldier or Marine who needs a quick field shower in between patrols.

Strong deodorant and antiperspirant, lip balm, and sun block to help cope with the intense heat of the Afghan sun.

High quality beef jerky provides a source of protein and energy and does not spoil while out soldiers are on patrol or during long combat situations.  

Oreo cookies, Jelly Belly jelly beans, Girl Scout cookies, and assorted candy provide a taste of home that the military MRE’s can’t offer.

Care package donors also have the ability to write a personal note of gratitude to be placed within the package. We’ve found that these letters of love and support are received with as much enthusiasm as the other items in the package. They mean the world to our troops.

This year’s Troopathon is only two days away but you can help send a little piece of home right now to soldiers, Marines, sailors, airman, and guardsman serving in Afghanistan.

For more information on Troopathon, visit or tune into June 25 from 1 PM to 8 PM PST.