550 ISIS Jihadists Killed in Mosul

550 ISIS Jihadists Killed in Mosul

Baghdad, August 08 (QNA) -The Directorate of Military Intelligence in Iraq has announced that 550 militants belonging to Daash or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) were killed in Al-Sharqat and Al-Qayyarah areas in Mosul in northern Iraq.

A source in the intelligence directorate said the Air Force, in coordination with military intelligence, managed to deal effective strikes to Daash groupings in Al-Safra camp, Al- Mahmudiyah in Al-Sharqat and Al-Qayyarah in Mosul, killing 550 terrorists and destroying dozens of vehicles of different types. Governors of Al-Hawija and Salaheddin and 4 of their aids were killed in Al-Alam area.

In a related development, Operations Command in Salaheddin announced that five elements of Daash were killed near Baiji refinery. A force belonging to Salaheddin operations killed two of Daash snipers in Al-Qadisiyah neighbourhood in northern city of Tikrit in northern Iraq

Security source in Anbar province said two unidentified warships flew over the districts of Qaim, Anna, Rawa and Ratbah in far western Iraq, adding that the two planes fired four missiles in the direction of Hawran, northern of Ratbah and Al-Ussainyat area but the magnitude of ensuing damaged could not be identified.(QNA)


QNA 1454 GMT 2014/08/08