North Korea: Secretary of State Kerry Is a 'Wolf with a Hideous Lantern Jaw'

North Korea: Secretary of State Kerry Is a 'Wolf with a Hideous Lantern Jaw'

North Korean media have graced Secretary of State John Kerry with one of its trademark insults against foreign leaders, calling him a “wolf with a hideous lantern jaw,” according to the Associated Press.

The AP noted that Wednesday’s insult against Kerry only appeared in Korean-language media, meaning it was meant specifically to drum up internal support against the United States.

The Kerry insult comes at a time when the United States and South Korea are conducting joint military drilling, which North Korea has called an invasion rehearsal. A North Korean policy spokesman ripped into Kerry for saying he wants peace between the two neighbors while the U.S. goes ahead with its collaborative yearly military training with Seoul. The spokesman was also infuriated by Kerry’s criticism of North Korea’s atrocious human rights, along with its nuclear weapons program. “His behavior fully revealed once again the U.S. inveterate nature as a hypocrite who has deceived and mocked mankind with all sorts of gimmicks,” the spokesman said.

In May, North Korea’s state-controlled Korean Central News Agency unleashed various racial slurs directed at President Obama. The President was referred to as a “clown,” a “dirty fellow,” and a “wicked black monkey.” The paper said of Obama, “It would be better for him to live with other monkeys at a wild animal park in Africa … licking bread crumbs thrown by onlookers.”