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Robot Cheerleaders Perform Synchronized Routine

Robot Cheerleaders Perform Synchronized Routine

KYOTO, Japan (UPI) — A Japanese firm is showing off its group-control technology with a team of robot “cheerleaders” who roll atop balls and perform a synchronized routine.

The Murata Cheerleaders, created by Kyoto electronics and robotics company Murata Manufacturing, have rolling balls for lower halves and each one is equipped with three gyro-sensors “to detect pitch, roll and yaw for 360-degree control,” the company said.

Murata previously made robots headlines in 1991 with the creation of the bicycle-riding Murata Boy and in 2008 with the Murata Girl, which rides a unicycle.

Koichi Yoshikawa, senior manager of corporate communications at Murata, said the “cute-looking” cheerleaders are “next-generation robots packed with Murata’s various technologies.”

“Our hope is that the Murata Cheerleaders will inspire new discoveries by young innovators and put smiles on the faces of people worldwide,” he said.

The latest creations incorporate group control technology developers said could one day be used for traffic control.

“Using wireless communication technology, one of Murata’s strengths, we aim to support communication both between cars and between cars and communication information posts at intersections,” the company said.


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