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ISIS Flags Unfurled at anti-India Protests in Kashmir

ISIS Flags Unfurled at anti-India Protests in Kashmir

The Times of India claims eyewitnesses reported at least one anti-India protestor waving the ISIS flag from atop the gate of one of Kashmir’s largest mosque’s during an anti-India demonstration Friday following Muslim prayers in Srinagar, capital of the majority Muslim Indian state. Several other protestors reportedly held Islamic State flags.

The demonstration occurred the day after a leading Indian general publicly condemned any Indians who support ISIS. “This is something which merits the highest concern of all security agencies,” said Lt. General Subrata Saha. “Let me tell you,” he added, “We are closely monitoring the situation which merits and is getting the highest concern”.

The ISIS terrorist army, estimated to total up to 50,000 fighters, consists of fighters not just from the Middle East but from around the world, including several thousands from Western Europe and North America.

ISIS now controls contiguous territory roughly equal in size to the United Kingdom. The one region where ISIS’s influence with Muslims was thought to be minimal was in India, home to nearly 200 million Muslims. Even Pakistan, long regarded as a terrorist safe haven is thought to have only a few hundred of its citizens fighting with ISIS. 

The first known death of an Indian ISIS fighter, which was big news, occurred this summer when a civil engineering student from Mumbai was killed in uncertain circumstances. He was reported last seen in Mosul shortly before his death, presumably in an Iraqi air strike.

Four weeks after President Obama committed the strength and resources of the United States to “degrade and destroy” ISIS, the extremist Sunni terror army continues its lightning expansion virtually unopposed in Iraq and appears on the verge of capturing the strategic Syrian city of Kobani on the Syrian border. The fall of Kobani to ISIS, a key Kurdish city that controls a strategically important communications route across northern Syria would be one of the most significant military successes yet for ISIS forces and a likely recruiting and propaganda boon demonstrating the weakness of US power and emptiness of US promises.


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