Woman 'Honor Killed' by Own Father, Islamic State Militants in Syria

Woman 'Honor Killed' by Own Father, Islamic State Militants in Syria

A video has surfaced showing what is believed to be Islamic State militants stoning a woman to death after accusing her of committing adultery.

The “honor killing” was shockingly led by the woman’s father. The woman is heard begging her father to spare her life, but he tells her that he’d rather please Allah instead, before initiating the stoning himself. Right before executing his daughter, the man responded to her pleas by saying, “Don’t call me father,” before committing the barbaric act of savagery.

Sickening: The woman is seen pleading for her life before being stoned to death by men - including her father

An Islamic State jihadi added that she should be “content and happy” about her punishment, because Allah had sanctioned such a disciplinary measure. He then asks if the woman is ready to “submit to Allah,” before tying her up and dragging the woman into a pit. After she has been rendered defenseless, the Islamic State militants, who are known for their cowardly tactics, then begin stoning the woman to death.

Shocking: As the militants rain down rocks on the defenseless woman, her father (left) steps forward and picks up the largest rock before using it to strike and kill his daughter

The footage is believed to have been filmed at an Islamic State stronghold in Hama, Syria, according to the Daily Mail.

Screenshot 2014-10-21 at 4.17.17 PM.png

Separately, around the same time frame, a man has also reportedly been stoned to death in Idlib, Syria for allegedly committing adultery.

Honor killings are seen throughout the globe and are most prevalent in Islamic lands. However, several honor killings have been documented in the United States and other western nations over the past few years. Some experts have estimated that at least 20,000 women are murdered every year by honor killing, and that murder rates in the aforementioned fashion are increasing rapidly.


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