Governor of Adamawa Warns Boko Haram May Overtake State South Of Borno

Governor of Adamawa Warns Boko Haram May Overtake State South Of Borno

On November 6, Adamawa Governor James Ngilari warned that Boko Haram is overrunning his state and he appealed to Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan to intervene.

Boko Haram has already captured five local governments in Adamawa and was “on the outskirts” of a sixth city when Ngilari appealed to Jonathan. 

According to Vanguard, Boko Haram has begun renaming captured cities and declaring them part of a caliphate. For example, the terror group renamed Gwoza and Mubi and is “forcing people in both towns to use the new names.” They changed Gwoza’s name to “Darul Hikma,” which means “House of Wisdom.” They changed Mubi’s name to “Madinatul Islam,” or “City of Islam.” 

Adamawa Governor Ngilari begged Nigeria’s President for help, suggesting a “failure to boost military presence in that state may mean that the terrorist group will completely overrun it.” 

Ngilari added: “We need a lot of intervention. We need to move more troops to secure the state. Really, it is a big challenge.” 

On September 12 Breitbart News reported that Boko Haram controlled a swath of land as large as Ireland, and they were targeting the capital of Borno. The terror group’s leader–Abubakar Shekau–said he planned to rule captured land as a caliphate in a manner similar to ISIS’s Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

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