Israel Foiled Hamas Plot to Assassinate Foreign Minister Lieberman

Israel Foiled Hamas Plot to Assassinate Foreign Minister Lieberman

Israel’s Shin Bet agency, the equivalent to America’s FBI, has uncovered a Hamas-sponsored terror plot to assassinate Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

Four Palestinians have been arrested relating to charges stemming from the assassination attempt, which was reportedly in its execution stage during Israel’s recent 50-day war with terror group Hamas.

Shin Bet officials said on Friday that the Palestinian jihadis planned on entrapping Lieberman’s convoy near the Jewish village of Nokdim in the West Bank. Once surrounded, the men were then to attack his vehicle with an RPG, officials said.

The jihadists hoped that murdering FM Lieberman “would relay a message to the State of Israel that would bring about an end to the Gaza war,” reports stated.

Hamas neither confirmed nor denied allegations that they had been responsible for coordinating the terror plot.

A Hamas spokesman stated, “We have no information about this issue. However, we stress that leaders of the ‘occupation’ (Israel) who are responsible for the killing of children and women and for defiling the sacred sites are legitimate targets for the resistance.”

Separately, on Friday, attacks on Israeli Jews continued. Two students in their early twenties were reportedly stabbed while quietly worshipping in their synagogue. Police said they are searching for those responsible. A witness told Ynet News that “the two students said they were attacked with wooden planks studded with nails and were pelted with stones.”

The incident comes just days after Palestinian jihadists slaughtered four rabbis and a Druze policeman in a Jewish synagogue.