Jordanian MP: “By Allah, It Is an Honor to Incite Against the Jews”

Jordanian MP: “By Allah, It Is an Honor to Incite Against the Jews”

Two Jordanian MPs on Jordanian television went on verbal attacks against Jews and Israelis, praising the recent Jerusalem synagogue massacre and encouraging incitement against Jews.

The Times of Israel reports that according to Middle East media watchdog MEMRI, the anti-Semitic rants took place in a televised discussion of the decision of the Jordanian Parliament to honor the perpetrators of the November synagogue attack. MP Khalil Attieh praised the honoring of the two terrorists.

“By Allah, it is an honor to incite against the Jews. It is a great accomplishment to provoke and incense them,” Attieh said.  

“Let us continue with similar decisions, because this is what the Jordanian people want. Our people in Palestine expect us to support them, and to recite Koranic verses for the souls of their martyrs,” he said.

He was joined in praising the honoring of the terrorists by Jordanian MP Bassam al-Manaseer, the Chairman of Jordan’s Arab and International Affairs parliamentary committee. “If what we did in parliament is considered incitement, just because we stood by the Palestinian people, then we welcome the policy of incitement,” he said

Attieh continued to trash the Jewish people, declaring “I hate the Jews, I hate the Jews,” adding that “the Jews respect neither treaties nor human beings. [Jews] respect nothing. What have the Jews ever given us?”

“Hating the Jews is a great honor for me and it makes me walk with my head high because they are worthy of hatred,” Attieh added. “They are not decent people. Any man of honor should hate the Jews.”

Attieh also criticized Daniel Nevo, Israel’s “accursed” ambassador to the Hashemite Kingdom, for his condemnation of the recognition bestowed on the terrorists. “[Parliament should debate] the statements of [Nevo], that pig, the descendants of apes and pigs, who tried to drive a wedge between the parliament and the king,” Attieh asserted, calling for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador from Amman.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II had previously issued a statement condemning the attack and denouncing violence against all Jerusalem civilians.

Though Israel normalized relations with Jordan in 1994 and the two countries cooperate in matters of trade and security, public figures still often denounce Israel in anti-Semitic terms.