Report: Paris Teens Robbed, Raped Because They Were Jewish

Report: Paris Teens Robbed, Raped Because They Were Jewish

A gang of three masked, anti-Semitic assailants allegedly robbed a couple in the heavily-Jewish French suburb of Créteil — located just north of Paris — and raped the man’s 19-year-old girlfriend, while they were staying at his parents’ home. The reason? Because they were Jews, the attackers reportedly said.

The thieves robbed the couple and the home of cash and jewelry, and other items using a sawed-off rifle and a pistol, according to There was not enough cash on hand for the assailants so they demanded the couples’ credit and ATM cards along with their pin numbers. Then, one of the gang members went to a local ATM to withdraw more cash from their funds, while a second robber immobilized the boyfriend while the third criminal proceeded to rape the woman.

Police say the culprits placed tape over the couple’s mouths and used it to tie them up, notes Algemeiner. Two of the three criminals have been been apprehended and the third is still on the loose. 

The two apprehended assailants have been identified as being of African and North African descent. North Africa consists of Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, and the Western Sahara.

And the influx of Arab immigrants to the country has ushered in a flood of anti-Semitic attacks and hostility towards Jews. Tensions in the Middle East this past summer, which sparked a war between Israel and Gaza (Operation Protective Edge) after Hamas terrorists kidnapped and brutally murdered three Israeli youth (one of which held dual U.S.-Israel citizenship), resulted in a mass exodus of Jews from France to Israel for fear of their safety.

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