White House Ignores Ongoing Cyber Massacre on US

White House Ignores Ongoing Cyber Massacre on US

The Obama administration has faced a larger threat of cyber attacks from foreign enemies than any administration before it, yet has demonstrated a continuing de facto policy in dealing with the onslaught of cyber attacks against our nation: doing nothing. Not only does our current administration mostly ignore the intrusions and sabotage entirely–they carry on like nothing ever happened.

Breitbart News reported on Thursday that Iranian hackers had infiltrated the United States’ Critical Infrastructure systems, some of which control the country’s water, gas, and transit networks, while also breaching other entities such as our airport security networks, according to a cybersecurity firm. Instead of recognizing Iran’s unprovoked aggression, the Administration ignored the report entirely. Instead, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf revealed how the U.S. is now engaged in discussions with the Islamic Republic of Iran about how to defeat the Islamic State (ISIS).

At the same time, President Obama was inking an emissions agreement in November with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Beijing was busy hacking our satellite networks. Government officials said that China’s cyber teams stole data “vital to disaster planning, aviation, shipping, and scores of other crucial uses.”

Just a couple of days earlier, China hacked the U.S. Postal Service computer network, allowing for access to the personal data of its 800,000+ employees.

A cybersecurity expert explained that the Chinese can hack information and steal billions of dollars worth of intellectual property with reckless abandon because they are convinced “there are no consequences to getting caught.”

China’s latest cyber theft–the J-31 Fighter Jet–is believed to be entirely based on stolen top-secret specs of the Lockheed Martin F-35, a jet that has come to fruition through nearly $400 billion dollars of U.S. taxpayer money spent funding the project.

Russia’s cyber teams have also been constantly engaged infiltrating our country’s networks and security systems.

The Department of Homeland Security revealed in November that a Russian state-backed effort had compromised “numerous” critical components of U.S. industries. In October, what is believed to be a state-sponsored Russian cyber attack successfully breached the White House computer network.

The aforementioned intrusions, sponsored by the governments of Iran, China, and Russia, have all taken place within the past few months.

Breitbart News could not find any information that the Obama Administration has responded in any fashion–besides condemning the attacks themselves–to adversaries’ cyber attacks against our intellectual property, critical infrastructure, and security networks.

In his 2014 Worldwide Threat Assessment, Director of National Intelligence Clapper ranked Cyber as the chief threat to the security of the United States. Clapper warned that the U.S. Critical Infrastructure systems “remain vulnerable to attack,” and that some of our adversaries continue to pursue attacks “to either provoke or destabilize the United States…”


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